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So, and then before that you’re talking about dripping it. So if I were to sign up say, let’s say I were to just miss, you know, sign up for one cohort and I’m like, Oh, the next one sounds interesting. And then I would receive that Content timed out, you know, over a couple of weeks. Read more about buy Twitter International Followers here. So it’s every six weeks just to give a two week break in between kind of reset. So the very first one was in November and we’re on cohort number four Day 16 and today’s April 14th. So we think the constraints are the biggest part of it, right?.



Remember to add images that show people, as people tend to connect better with fellow human beings. Continuously you need to churn content and find the best that has value in the eyes of your users. Business brands cannot just post anything without giving it a through thought. Twitter engagement is an important factor that determines the success of your business.



Obviously, you will want to tweet links to your original content, any guest posts where you’ve been featured and press coverage about your successes. Although all tweets are limited to 140 characters, the kind of content you post will be based on your audience, what they’re interested in and what they want to consume. So it’s almost this forcing function where if I say every thread that I write, I’m going to DM it to 10 people who I think will find it valuable. I know that I’m going to put more effort and more refining into my content, but at the same time, that’s going to force me to create better content.



And so, you know, it’s going to load super fast and I only have to commit to reading it for, I don’t know, the next 45 six. People stop on images versus a, just a sea of text. But I could totally see that of Twitter being like, I don’t know, the guy’s just tweeted about random stuff for five or six years. So that’s the first time I’ve heard the, like the Twitter algorithm or this idea of a damaged account. And that’s that everything we see online is just a side hustle for you.



Participants usually like the fact that answers to the poll are anonymous because that reassures them that brands cannot target them with spam messages based on their choices. Twitter polls are a new way to engage with the massive Twitter audience and understand exactly what people think. For those participating in the poll, it's a very easy way to make their voice heard. Twitter introduced Twitter polls as a new and fresh way to generate engagement and gain feedback from the Twitter audience. None of these tips will work to your advantage unless you’re actually making time to be active on Twitter. If you have a blog or website, you know how important it is to describe to people who you are and what you offer.



To grow your Twitter following, take into account what Twitter does well and what it doesn't before you invest too much time into it. For people with e.g. 10k followers, they're likely overwhelmed by all their notifications and direct messages and so spend zero time finding out who follows them. They have a big audience, so their interest is on posting great content and engaging with their followers.



As was mentioned in the previous section, consistency is a crucial element of any social media posting plan. For example, you could share clickbait articles, pictures of cats, and the occasional writing question and have a consistent number of posts every day. A lot of websites will say you need to share a certain number of posts every single day. Focusing on a set number of Tweets per day is OK, even practical.



Add a photo of your product and the link to BUY now. Share valuable content, personalize the information and create an online persona. People have had enough generic content and if you rely on the same, you’ll never get to stand out.



For example, say you post 30 tweets one week, all at random times, about no particular topic. This isn’t as effective as posting about a specific range of topics. I'd rather have a lower amount of followers who are highly engaged or in my community/niche area.



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