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How do I Fix Gmail not working on iphone?

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These days, Couple of Gmail users are going through account accessibility issues on their Gmail app. When they tap on the Gmail account. it shows them an incorrect username or password error. Generally, this error appears because of the incorrect username or password issues. but sometimes, other elements may evolve in it. 

1. First of all, you need to check the error that you are getting while accessing the Gmail account on iphone. so you need to fix the account settings. 

2. Let's update the gmail application, make sure that the Gmail password is working perfectly fine. 

3. Remove the current account from the Gmail application, and then re-add the yahoo mail account. 

4. sometimes, Gmail account is not working because of the application issues. so you need to update the Gmail application. 

Once you will make these changes into the gmail account. your device will start working fine. for more details, you need to visit : why is my Gmail not working on my iphone?


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